Harvard University .  Special Programs Instructor.

See my courses on my Harvard Scholar Page.

SUPER®.  Cofounder.

SUPER (Single Use Plastic Elimination or Reduction) is a nonprofit helping businesses eliminate single-use plastics
 through footprinting technology and a tiered certification program.

VientoTM.  Cofounder.

Viento is a moonshot nonprofit pioneering targeted weather security.

Bionomia. Founder.

Bionomia is an for benefit company fostering circular and regenerative economies through  education, consulting, research, and knowledge fusion.

Kumu. Founder.

Kumu (2015-2023) was a nonprofit innovation lab and accelerator with a focus on circular and regenerative models.

Kumu ThriveTM.  Founder.

Kumu ThriveTM (2015-2023) was a for-profit spin-off of Kumu, espcializing in innovation and capacity-building in the Circular Economy. Kumu Thrive became Bionomia in January 2023.

Plastic Kills / El Plástico Mata. Founder

Plastic Kills is a cluster of multilingual websites and social media shining light on the real impacts of the misuse of plastic on the environments and human health. With a striking logo and straightforward language, PlasticKills, promotes a safer and wiser use of plastics.  Plastic Kills is available in Spanish Language (El Plástico Mata), and French  (Le Plastique Tue) being the top site for plastic pollution information in both languages.



Albatross. Coproducer. Cofounder

 Albatross. With 20+ million views of the trailer, 30+ million views for related media, and 50,000+ small donations received online, continues to touch and inspire people worldwide. Winner: Planetary Health Film Award, San Francisco Ocean Film Festival and others.


Plastic Pollution Coalition. Cofounder

(I stopped having any affiliation with Plastic Pollution Coalition in 2011). Plastic Pollution Coalition is a coalition of organizations, businesses and individuals sharing the goal of a world free of plastic pollution and its toxic impacts. 

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